The National Museum of
American Jewish Military History

1811 R Street NW, Washington, D.C 20009. | 202-265-6280 | |

Hall of Heroes:American Jewish Recipients of The Medal of Honor

NMAJMH Officers/Staff*

NMAJMH Officers

  • PNC Neil Goldman, President
  • PNC Edwin Goldwasser, First Vice - President
  • PNC Jack Berman, Second Vice - President
  • NBO Norman Rosenshein, Third Vice-President
  • PNP Gloria Teller, Corresponding Secretary
  • PCC Debra Stern, Recording Secretary
  • PNC Joseph Zoldan, Treasurer

NMAJMH Past Presidents

  • PNC Harvey S. Friedman
  • PNC Edward D. Blatt
  • PNC Nathan M. Goldberg
  • PNP Florence Levine
  • PNC Robert Zweiman
  • PNC Norman Tilles
  • PNC Ainslee R. Ferdie
  • PNC Meyer J. Adgott
  • PDC Frederick Tourkow
  • PDC Morris Luck


  • Herb Rosenbleeth, Museum Director
  • Larry Richardson, Director of Operations
  • Jon West-Bey, Assistant Curator / Collections Manger
  • Tom Wildenberg, Archivist
  • Crystal Smith, Administrative Assistant
  • Dom Endoso, Museum Bookkeeper
  • Sam Solomonson, Collections Volunteer
  • Morton Horvitz, Guest Curator
  • Albert Learner, Docent
  • Dr. Seymour Weisman, Senior Fellow
  • Ainslee R. Ferdie, Senior Fellow

*At the time of the exhibition opening in 2000.

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