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Hall of Heroes:American Jewish Recipients of The Medal of Honor

WORLD WAR I Distinguished Service Cross

Following is a complete listing of the names of many Jewish men who received the Distinguished Service Cross and Navy Cross. Names in bold have citations or biographical information.

  • Private Julius Aaronson, Co. G, 109th Inf.
  • Corporal Louis Abend, Co. M, 28th Inf.
  • Private Roland H. Abrams, Co. K, 313th Inf., 79th Div.
  • Private Max Achenbach, Co. A, 2nd Machine Gun Batt.
  • Sergeant (First Class) Hugo C. Adelhelm, Co. C, 108th Eng., 33rd Div.
  • Major Julius Ochs Adler, 306th Inf., 77th Div.
  • Corporal Abe L. Allen, Co. B, 28th Inf.
  • Sergeant Fred Allen, Co. B, 28th Inf.
  • Corporal Oscar Ascher, Co. K, 305th Inf.
  • Private (First Class) Barney Bardman, Co. B, 307th Inf., 77th Div.
  • Private Barnett Bassman, Co. A, 325th Inf., 82nd Div.
  • Sergeant Martin Beifus, Co. M, 308th Inf., 77th Div.
  • Sergeant Abraham Belefant, Headquarters Co., 307th Inf.
  • First Lieutenant Ray N. Benjamin, 2nd Eng., 2nd Div.
  • Sergeant William F. Benjamin, Co. H, 307th Inf.
  • Private Joseph Berg, Co. G, 167th Inf., 42nd Div.
  • First Sergeant Herman J. Bergasse, Co. A, 308th Inf., 77th Div.
  • First Sergeant Louis G. Bernheimer, Pilot, 88th Aero Sq.
  • First Lieutenant Alfred M. Bergstein, Medical Corps, 18th Inf.
  • Corporal David Bernstein, Co. F, 5th Reg., USMC
  • Private Arthur Biesenthal, Co. G, 168th Inf., 42nd Div.
  • Private Fred E. Billman, Medical Detachment, 47th Inf.
  • Private Felix Bird, 132nd Inf.
  • Private Samuel M. Block, Co. A, 102nd Inf.
  • Sergeant John Blohm, Co. B, 305th Inf.
  • First Lieutenant Henry S. Blomberg, 127th Inf.
  • Private (First Class) Sam Bloomberg, Co. B, 312th Inf.
  • Corporal Ferdinand F. Blume, Co. C, 319th Inf., 80th Div.
  • Private Leo H. Blume, Co. C, 312th Inf., 78th Div.
  • Private Alabel Blumenthal, Medical Detachment, 128th Inf.
  • Private Jacob Bolen, Co. C, 314th Inf.
  • Corporal Harry Boretz, Co. H, 107th Inf., 27th Div.
  • Sergeant Samuel V. Boykin, Co. B, 105th Inf.
  • Second Lieutenant Jacob P. Brenner, 322nd Field Artillery
  • Corporal Frank Brown, Co. A, 30th Inf., 3rd Div.

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