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Hall of Heroes:American Jewish Recipients of The Medal of Honor

WORLD WAR I Distinguished Service Cross - Continued

  • Private Harold Brown, Co. D, 308th Inf., 77th Div.
  • Private Joseph F. Brown, Co. K, 306th Inf.
  • Second Lieutenant Samuel A. Brown, Jr., 108th Inf.
  • First Sergeant Herman L. Bush, Co. B, 102nd Machine Gun Batt.
  • Bugler Jacob F. Cline, Co. D, 11th Machine Gun Batt.
  • Sergeant Abraham Cohen, Battery C, 15th Field Art., 2nd Div.
  • Private Abraham Cohen, Attached to the Sanitary Troops, 103rd Inf.
  • Private Frank J. Cohen, Headquarters Co., 107th Field Art.
  • First Lieutenant David H. Cohn, 363rd Inf.
  • Captain Eugene S. Cohn, 364th Inf.
  • Corporal Ben Cone, Co. I, 6th Reg., USMC
  • Second Lieutenant Herbert Arnold Cone, 39th Inf., 4th Div.
  • Private Calvin J. Cressman, Co. E, 314th Inf.
  • Corporal Nathan H. Curtiz, Co. L, 131st Inf.
  • Major General Abel Davis, Former Commander, 132nd Inf., 33rd Div.
  • Private Benjamin G. Davis, Co. C, 115th Machine Gun Batt.
  • Corporal Chester V. Davis, Co. B, 6th Inf.
  • Corporal Harry J. Davis, Co. D, 60th Inf., 5th Div.
  • Corporal Newel B. Davis, Co. I, 28th Inf.
  • Corporal Newman Davis, Co. D, 11th Inf., 5th Div.
  • First Lieutenant Samuel V. H. Danzig, 8th Machine Gun Batt.
  • Captain Louis Diener, Medical Corps
  • First Sergeant Samuel Dreben, Co. A, 141st Inf., 36th Div.
  • Sergeant Irvin H. Dreshach, Co. H, 166th Inf.
  • Private (First Class) Morris Dublinsky, Co. M, 38th Inf.
  • First Lieutenant Arthur William Duckstein, Pilot, 1st Aero Squad., Air Service
  • Private Fred C. Dulevitz, Co. K, 102nd Inf., 26th Div.
  • First Lieutenant Ralph Eberlin, 38th Inf., 3rd Div.
  • Corporal Benjamin D. Elpern, Co. E, 30th Inf.
  • Private Leo Englander, Co. D, 308th Inf., 77th Div.
  • Private Hirche J. Feinberg, Medical detachment, 4th Inf., 3rd Div.
  • Second Lieutenant Aaron R. Fisher, 366th Inf.
  • Private Morris Frederick Fleitz, Headquarters Co., 6th ,Reg., USMC, 2nd Div.
  • Sergeant (First Class) Herbert W. Flesher, Co. B, 112th Eng., 37th Div.
  • Lieutenant General Milton J. Foreman, Commanding General, 122nd Art., 33rd Div.
  • Corporal Emanuel Frank, Machine Gun Co., 38th Inf.
  • Second Lieutenant Hyman Frieberg, 131st Inf.
  • Private Samuel Gluckmann, 78th Co., 6th USMC
  • Sergeant Nathan Gobey, Co. D, 9th Inf., 2nd Div.
  • Private Sam Goldberg, Headquarters Co., 138th Inf.
  • Private Isaac Goldstein, Co. D, 312th Inf.
  • Private Lionel Goodman, Headquarters Co., 125th Inf.
  • Private Walter O. Goodman, co. E, 315th Inf., 79th Div.
  • Private (First Class) Samuel D. Grobtuck, Co. K, 308th Inf., 77th Div.
  • First Lieutenant Gerald H. Gunst, 360th Inf., 90th Div.
  • First Lieutenant Robert K. Haas, 308th Inf., 77th Div.

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