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American Jewish Military History

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Hall of Heroes:American Jewish Recipients of The Medal of Honor

Past National President Florence Levine
Exhibits Chairman

Hall of Heroes: American Jewish Recipients of the Medal of Honor

The completion of the Hall of Heroes is a most welcome addition to our outstanding museum. Having been privileged to serve as the Exhibits Chairman since 1993, I found all of our previous exhibits to be of the highest caliber. However, this exhibit, because of its content and because it is a permanent one that tells the stories of the Jewish heroes as the "Bravest of the Brave", has a special meaning to me and to everyone connected with it.

No exhibit either in concept or on to its fruition can be the work of one individual. A lot of effort, a lot of time, a lot of planning, a lot of money and a lot of talent has gone into the making of this exhibit. I must thank some of those responsible for its success. Neil Goldman, President of the Museum, has spent countless hours fine-tuning and reaching out to our members and friends to support this effort. He gave of himself all along the way to do whatever was needed to move it into its final stages.

Our staff, Museum Director Col. Herb Rosenbleeth and Operations Manager Larry Richardson, was on call to answer questions and help in any way. Pamela Feltus, Curator, and John West-Bey, Assistant Curator and Collections Manager, had a tremendous amount of research to do and to oversee the installation of the exhibit. A fine job was done by them and the staff of JWV. Museum Assistant Cassandra Tate entered all the names and citations for the Cross recipients and added greatly to the teamwork. I commend all of them. Our Coordinating Committee was a great help with their input and advice. All together the exhibit turned into a successful display of our respect and admiration for our Jewish heroes of all wars. Visitors to the museum have called it a small treasure. The Hall of Heroes adds another jewel to that treasure.

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