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Hall of Heroes:American Jewish Recipients of The Medal of Honor

PNC Robert M. Zweiman
Chairman Coordinating Committee

Hall of Heroes: American Jewish Recipients of the Medal of Honor

In its appearance, it is a molded piece of metal having a ribbon attached to it; or if you desire, you can wear a blue button. But the strength of the symbolism which it exemplifies is awe-inspiring.

Is it the act of heroism itself? Or, is it the acknowledgement of the accomplishment of an act? Or, really is it not all of that and the individual which prompts the respect and the adulation for the wearer?

Our exhibit recollects their individual acts of courage and controlled behavior in the face of an overriding danger to the individual and to his comrades in battle. It is in the telling that we come closer to the reality of that moment of confident action.

Every medal awarded by the government signifies an act deserving of recognition; yet at the top, the premier medal is the Medal of Honor given to a limited number of heroes.

It is that sort of recognition and holiness which creates a reverence for not only the Medal, but for the glory and the honor which it so richly represents.

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