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Women in the Military: A Jewish Perspective

Women's Role in American History Reexaminded, Celebrated

Gertrude Shapiro

Army nurse Gertrude Shapiro at the U.S. Air Base on Tinian during WWII. Photo donated by Rita Sharon

The exhibit, Women in the Military: A Jewish Perspective, profiles Jewish female veterans of U.S. conflicts from the Civil War to the Gulf War, and through their stories, brings to the forefront the vital role women have played to contribute to America's war efforts throughout our history.

Even before the accomplishments of the feminist movement, women were transcending traditional roles in support of America's military efforts, bravely serving their country in times of need. The NMAJMH exhibit focuses on of these female war heroes in an effort to educate the public on the vital contributions of women to our country's safety and well being over the years.

The exhibit not only focuses on the barriers these individuals faced as women, but also those they overcame as Jews. Often experiencing dual-bigotry, these amazing veterans epitomized true American patriots in their willingness to fight past such obstacles to preserve their nation and their way of life.

Among the female veterans profiled in the exhibit are (by home state):

  • Magdalena Eckman; Pine Grove, CA. Miriam Miller; San Diego, CA.
  • Chana Timoner, New Haven, CT.
  • Marita Silverman; Washington, DC.
  • Lillian Levine; Albany, GA.
  • Ethel Gladstone; Chicago, IL. Irene Wirtschafter, Elgin, IL.
  • Anita Gold; Brockton, MA.
  • Gertrude Subinsky; Manchester, NH.
  • Selma Cronan, Asbury Park, NJ; Ruth Karsevar; Atlantic City, NJ.
  • Bernice Baumel, Clarice Fortgang; Brooklyn, NY; Lillian Bloomberg, Kathryn Goldfluss, Bebe Koch, Eva Kritzer, Yetta Moskowitz, Lillian Krell Rose Ross, Sally Schackman, and Joan Stongin; New York City, NY.
  • Ruth Ginns, Beatrice Berg, Doris Brill, Miranda Bloch, Carolyne Casper, Elizabeth Korensky, Bonnie Koppell, Jean Korn; Philadelphia, PA.
  • Teeny Halfant;Galveston, TX, Shirley Fleshin; Dallas TX
  • Phoebe Yates Levy Pember; Charleston, SC and Richmond, VA
  • Belle Goldman; Mildred Scheir; Milwaukee, WI.

The Women in the Military: A Jewish Perspective exhibit will continue indefinitely- be sure to visit to this compelling exhibition.

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