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National Museum of American Jewish Military History
1811 R Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20009
Jewelry for Sale
Art Glass Jewelry - dichroic glass - $ 46.00
Stationery for Sale
A Celebration of Israel -5 Note cards from original watercolors - Maryland artist Michael F. Shibley - $ 25.00
Rachel Stone Designs -5 cards - $ 25.00
Books for Sale
The postage for each book is $ 4.80.
Please check the book(s) desired below:
Pocket Guide to Jewish Sites in Arlington National Cemetery by Jewish historical Society of Greater Washington - $5.00
GI Jews: How WWII Changed A Generation by Deborah Dash Moore - $20.00
The Clay Messiah by by Karen Levine - $18.00
Cold Ground's Been My Bed: A Korean War Memoir by David Wolfe - $25.00
Its Character that Counts by Paul C. Grassey - $25.00
Jews and the Military: A History by Professor Derek Penslar, PhD. - $25.00
Stateside (book of poems) by Jehanne Dubrow - $13.79
World War II Warriors by Bernhard Storch - $19.95
They Fought For Each Other: The Triumph and Tragedy of the Hardest Hit Unit in Iraq - $27.99
To Quiet the Fears of Others: The Story of a World War II Army Nurse - $12.00
Civil War 150 - Civil War Trust. - $16.95
The Four Immortal Chaplains: Legacy of Virtue - Cady Crosby - $18.00
They Were Soldiers in Peace and War Volumes I and II - Julian Stuart Haber - $15.00
Recipes Remembered: A Celebration of Survival - $32.95
Transcending Darkness: A Girl's Journey Out of the Holocaust - Holocaust Survivor Estelle Laughlin - $26.95
Battle At the Overland Trail: One Night of Combat on Guadalcanal - Author Jason Abady - $29.00
Mollie's War - Mollie Weinstein Schaffer and Cyndee Schaffer - $35.00
Admiral Boorda's Navy - Malcolm Steinberg - $15.95
Gated Grief - Leila Levinson - $25.00
We Are Here: Memories of the Lithuanian Holocaust - Ellen Cassedy - $15.95
In the Sands of Sinai: A Physicians Account of the Yom Kippur War - $16.00 (includes shipping)
Kiss Every Step - Doris (Szpringer) Martin with Ralph S. Martin. - $15.00
A Jewish Colonel in the Civil War - Marcus M. Spiegel of the Ohio Volunteers - $25.00
U.S.S. Cyclops - Marvin W. Barrash - $150.00
Then A Soldier - Richard G. Kurtz - $30.00
Quiet Americans - Erika Dreifus - $15.00
Goldfish - Silver Boot: The Story of a World War II Prisoner of War by Harvey S. Horn - $14.95
The Israelis: Ordinary People in an Extraordinary Land by Donna Rosenthal - $25.00
Footsteps of David: Common Roots, Uncommon Valor by Howard J. Leavitt - $25.00
Semper Chai: Marines of Blue and White (and Red) by Howard J. Leavitt - $25.00
Tales of Valor: Rebirth of Latter-Day Heroes in the Image of Biblical Paladins by Howard J. Leavitt - $25.00
OZ: Chronicles of Courage by Howard J. Leavitt - $25.00
Catalogs for Sale
Except Hall of Heroes which is $15 each, all catalogs are conveniently priced at $7.50 each [$6.00 for members].
Check catalogs of interest below:
The Hall of Heroes: American Jewish Recipients of the Medal of Honor
GIs Remember: Liberating the Concentration Camps
Videos for Sale
All videos are conveniently priced at $10.00 each.
Check videos of interest below:
Lest They Be Forgotten: Yom Hashoah: The Holocaust Remembered. - $ 19.95
Battle At the Overland Trail: One Night of Combat on Guadalcanal. - $ 10.00
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