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Paver on our Remembrance Walk

Paver on our Remembrance Walk

Help preserve the contributions of Jewish Americans to maintaining the peace and freedom of the United States of America by purchasing a paver on our museum walkway located in the front of the National Museum of American Jewish Military History building. Contributing to the NMAJMH Remembrance Walk Program is a great way to honor a family member, memorialize a loved one, acknowledge your Post or Auxiliary, pay tribute to a distinguished member of the JWV or JWVA, and recognize a national, state, or local legislator. A paver on our new museum walkway makes a wonderful birthday or holiday gift. Click here for more information.Opens in New Window


Art Glass Jewelry - dichroic glass

Art Glass Jewelry - dichroic glass

- $ 46.00

The National Museum of American Jewish Military History is pleased to announce new items in our museum in-house and online store! Very often, when I am out and about showing my knitted ensembles at craft fairs I come across artists who I am particularly drawn to because of their use of color, texture and unusual uses of both aspects. I saw Jamie Again's dichron glass pieces a few weeks ago and noticed she had Star of David pendants and I was drawn to the fact that they changed hue depending on what colors they were around. I loved them. The museum is now one of her clients and with every sale, she is offering a donation to the museum! Pendants w/chain and box.

"I have been creating hand crafted artworks since 1975. Starting with hand dyed and painted textiles, my love of color has driven me to explore a variety of media. For the last several years I have been working with glass. "I have...always longed to 'paint with glass' I find the interplay of light and color in fusing glass almost hypnotic." My work has always been color driven. The question I ask myself is how these colors will translate into silk, cotton, wool, paper, beads, glass, plastic, or metal. I came to glasswork after experimenting with paper arts and knew that this was a medium I needed to explore in greater depth. Although my "jewels" are crafted by me, people often mistake them for natural stones. I enjoy working with glass and seeing the luminous quality it displays. I do not make representational art, but am often told my work conveys the essence of various things in the natural world. Often the object emerges under my hands as I work at the saw. I truly enjoy this process of discovery. Humans have always been driven to make and surround themselves with art no matter what their circumstances." -- Jamie Agins,


A celebration of Israel

A Celebration of Israel -5 Note cards from original watercolors by Maryland artist Michael F. Shibley

- $25.00

Early interests in sketching, drawing and photography led Michael to begin developing his watercolor painting skills. He likes to capture light and shadow and the flow of transparent colors in his work that focuses on the landscape, gardens, collections of interesting shapes and colors, and architectural elements in the landscape. Michael is also a plein-air painting enthusiast. Website:;

Rachel Stone Designs
Graphic Designs and Illustrations

Rachel Stone Designs : Graphic Designs and Illustrations

- $25.00

I am a graphic designer living in Arlington, Virginia. I graduated from Skidmore College with a major in art, concentrating in graphic design and drawing, and a minor in Asian studies. My studies included a semester abroad at Nanzan University in Japan. Since college, I have continued to expand my skills through Continuing Education courses in Interactive Web Design at the Corcoran College of Art and Design. In addition, I am currently studying for an Information Technology degree at Northern Virginia Community College.

I attend the same synagogue where I had my Bat Mitzvah, Tifereth Israel Congregation in Washington, DC. I volunteer as a graphic artist for the synagogue and have helped on developing their website.


Pocket Guide to Jewish Sites in Arlington National Cemetery by Jewish historical Society of Greater Washington

- $5.00

This 40-page booklet highlights memorials and individual burials of Jewish interest at Arlington National Cemetery. It also includes: Background information on Jewish burials in the cemetery, a cemetery map, suggested walking tour route, indices by name and cemetery section.

GI Jews: How WWII Changed A Generation by Deborah Dash Moore

- $20.00

Through memoirs, oral histories, and letters, Moore charts the lives of fifteen young Jewish men as they faced military service and tried to make sense of its demands. From confronting pork chops to enduring front-line combat, from the temporary solace of Jewish worship to harrowing encounters with death camp survivors, we come to understand how these soldiers wrestled with what it meant to be an American and a Jew.

The Clay Messiah by Karen Levine

- $18.00

Set against the historically accurate backdrop of the liberation of the Concentration Camp at Dachau, this book explores our fragile realities and the power of hope. After months on the battlefields of France and Germany, Daniel, an American soldier, is unprepared for the shock of witnessing the inhumanity contained within the walls of a concentration camp.

Cold Ground's Been My Bed: A Korean War Memoir by David Wolfe

- $25.00

His no-holds-barred memoir of the experience. The title, from a blues song sung by Wolfe's first bunker buddy at the front, speaks to the conditions experienced by soldiers suddenly thrust into the reality of war. From the physical exam at induction to his deployment into a front-line platoon, Dan tells the story with unflinching honesty and gallows humor amid tragic events.

Its Character that Counts by Paul C. Grassey

- $25.00

"The experiences of the men who formed the American Eighth Air Force during WWII are rich material for students of character. The flight crews of the eighth had the highest casualty rates of all American forces in the war. Paul Grassey, a former bomber pilot, immerses you into that world. He uses his own exploits and those of his high school friends to exemplify the behaviors essential to success in life. You will feel the spirit, the humor and the emotions of the ordinary young men caught up in the process of anticipating, preparing for and conducting war. The stories are not on a grand scale, but on a personal level. You become a witness to extraordinary accomplishments done without fanfare in unquestioning service to our country. While the material is of interest to students of the period, its larger impact stems from the lessons it provides for character development."

Jews and the Military: A History by Professor Derek Penslar, PhD.

- $25.00

Jews and the Military is the first comprehensive and comparative look at Jews' involvement in the military and their attitudes toward war from the 1600s until the creation of the state of Israel in 1948. Penslar shows that although Jews have often been described as people who shun the army, in fact they have frequently been willing, even eager, to do military service, and only a minuscule minority have been pacifists. Penslar demonstrates that Israel's military ethos did not emerge from a vacuum and that long before the state's establishment, Jews had a vested interest in military affairs.

Stateside (book of poems) by Jehanne Dubrow

- $13.79

Although the poems in "Stateside" are concerned with a husband's deployment to the war in Iraq, Jehanne Dubrow's riveting collection is driven more by intellectual curiosity and emotional exploration than by any overt political agenda. The speaker in these poems attempts to understand her situation within the long history of military wives left to wait and wonder - "Penelope" is a model, but also a source of mystery. These poems are dazzling in their use of form, their sensual imagery, and their learnedness, and possess a level of subtlety and control rarely found in the work of a young poet. Dubrow is fearless in her contemplation of the far-reaching effects of war, but even more so in her excavation of a marriage under duress.

World War II Warriors by Bernhard Storch

- $19.95

This is the remarkable story of a young man who was separated from his family at sixteen and whose World War II odyssey took him from Poland to a Siberian labor camp to the battlefields of the eastern front. That journey brought him face to face with the horrors of the Holocaust - as one of the first allied soldiers to enter a death camp, he witnessed firsthand Hitler's Final Solution, not yet realizing that almost his entire family had fallen victim to that awful fate. Bernhard Storch was born in Bochnia, Poland. Sent to Glee the oncoming German invasion, he ended up in a Soviet labor camp. He subsequently enlisted in a Plush division that fought its way from the USSR through Poland to Berlin itself. Having survived more than two years of combat, he married, moved to the U.S. and built a life there. Retired, today he lives in Nyack, New York where he is active in veterans' groups and Holocaust memorial organizations. He speaks frequently to student and community groups.

They Fought For Each Other: - The Triumph and Tragedy of the Hardest Hit Unit in Iraq.

- $27.99

"If you think you understand the human costs of war, you don't, and that is why books like this are so important; as a reminder, a report, an admonition, an illumination, but above all, as a wrenching, moving story "
Ben Greenman, author, and editor at The New Yorker

To Quiet the Fears of Others: - The Story of a World War II Army Nurse.

- $12.00

"Lillian Krell Swerdlow cared for America's wounded soldiers during World War II as a member of the Army Nurse Corps. Her heritage and training had prepared her for that service. Recruited by the legendary Jimmy Doolittle, Lillian was only nineteen when she joined the military. She Landed in Great Britain on June 6, 1944, the day of the Allied invasion at Normandy... In spite of all she went through in her fifteen months overseas, Lillian believes her military service was "a remarkable experience." At age ninety, she now shares it with readers of her story."

Civil War 150 - Civil War Trust.

- $16.95

"Inside this book, picture, places, objects, and stories of the Civil War weave a hard-won lesson of loss and triumph on a continental scale. Raging across nearly 2 dozen states, former territories and the District of Columbia, this simple-to-use guidebook gives concise descriptions and key images for each entry plus clear directions on where to look or how to get there. " - Civil War Trust

The Four Immortal Chaplains: Legacy of Virtue - Cady Crosby.

- $18.00

"Fifteen year old Cady Crosby and her brother Benjamin, are founders of the non-profit organization called Titanic Heroes, which is committed to spreading the stories of heroism and self-sacrifice in this generation. They were so moved by the story of the Four Chaplains aboard the USAT Dorchester, in 2012 Cady began to write about their sacrifice. Her story is geared toward middle-school age readers but can be enjoyed by any age. "

They Were Soldiers in Peace and War Volumes I and II - Julian Stuart Haber.

- $15.00

"The era from WWII to the Iraq War is seen through the eyes of more than 50 veterans. Interviews capture their experiences in peace and war, their battles, close calls, feelings, heroic and humorous moments. "

Recipes Remembered: A Celebration of Survival - June Feiss Hersh.

- $32.95

The remarkable stories and authentic recipes of Holocaust survivors.

Transcending Darkness:  A Girl's Journey Out of the Holocaust by Holocaust Survivor Estelle Laughlin

Transcending Darkness: A Girl's Journey Out of the Holocaust by Holocaust Survivor Estelle Laughlin

- $ 26.95

"Germany invaded Poland on September 1, 1939. On September 29, shortly after Poland's surrender, German forces entered Warsaw. In October 1940 German forces decreed the establishment of a ghetto. Estelle (Wakszlak) Laughlin and her family and more than 400,000 Jews from the city and surrounding areas were forced to live in a 1.3 square mile area and to wear a white armband with a blue Star of David. From July to September 1942, 300,000 ghetto residents were deported to Treblinka II, an extermination camp. During this time Estelle and her family hid in a secret room during the round-ups to escape the deportations. Click here to read more."

Battle At the Overland Trail: ne Night of Combat on Guadalcanal by Author Jason Abady

Battle At the Overland Trail: One Night of Combat on Guadalcanal by Author Jason Abady

- $29.00

In the Pacific Theater of the Second World War, Guadalcanal Island was of pivotal importance for both Japan and the United States to prosecute the war in their favor. On the island, control of Henderson Airfield and access to it were paramount. One could argue that the entire course of WWII in the Pacific was focused on one critical strategy : the island, the airfield and all trail access that led to it. Quickly thrown into battle, both sides endured six months of extremely bitter fighting in what would be the longest campaign for a single piece of territory in U.S. military history. Two Jewish 2nd Lieutenants Herman Abady and Bill Sager played a pivotal role in this battle.

Mollie's War by Mollie Weinstein Schaffer and Cyndee Schaffer.

- $35.00

Why did an average American woman become a WAC during World War II and place herself in peril? This book describes the life of a WAC enlistee, Mollie Weinstein (now Schaffer), who joined the military to serve our country and journeyed to Europe to labor for an important cause while experiencing the adventures of a lifetime. To read more about the book please visit the website

Admiral Boorda's Navy by Malcolm Steinberg.

- $15.95

Admiral Jeremy "Mike" Boorda was the U.S. Navy's chief of naval operations from April 1994 to May 1996. The grandson of Jews who fled Czarist Russia, he was born in South Bend, IN. Dropping out of high school, he enlisted and, after six years, was sent to officer candidate school. Years of sea and shore duty during combat and peacetime led to his becoming the first former enlisted man and the first Jew to become CNO. A brilliant, complex, and caring man, he loved his family, his navy, and his country. His biography chronicles history and politics during his career.

Gated Grief - Leila Levinson.

- $25.00

After her father's death, Leila discovered haunting photos of the German concentration camp where Captain Reuben Levinson had encountered hell. To understand the toll of bearing witness to war's horror, she sought out other veterans who had also witnessed the unimaginable and who were then imprisoned by their nightmares.

We Are Here: Memories of the Lithuanian Holocaust - Ellen Cassedy.

- $15.95

Ellen Cassedy's longing to recover the Yiddish she'd lost with her mother's death eventually led her to Lithuania, once the "Jerusalem of the North." As she prepared for her journey, her uncle, sixty years after he'd left Lithuania in a boxcar, made a shocking disclosure about his wartime experience, and an elderly man from her ancestral down made an unsettling request. Gradually, what begun as a personal journey broadened into a larger exploration of how the people of this country, Jews and non-Jews alike, are confronting their past in order to move forward into the future.

A Jewish Colonel in the Civil War

In the Sands of Sinai : A Physicians Account of the Yom Kippur War.

- $16.00 (includes shipping)

Author and professor of Pediatrics and Medicine at Georgetown University, Dr. Itzhak Brook MD MSc, is a retired US Navy officer who served for 27 years. Prior to coming to the USA (in 1974) he served in the Israeli Army and participated in the Yom Kippur War. The book describes his personal experiences, struggles, fears and challenges as he cared for his soldiers' physical and emotional needs. In his perspective, it was a war that shaped his own life, and Israel's fragile identity. A portion of the book sales will benefit museum programs.

A Jewish Colonel in the Civil War

Kiss Every Step - Doris (Szpringer) Martin with Ralph S. Martin.

- $15.00

Concentration camp survivor and author Doris (Szpringer) Martin and husband Ralph Martin ("My Angel"). "The German army swept into Poland on September 1, 1939, and into my home of Bendzin. The Nazis burned down our beautiful synagogue with some 200 Jews inside. Most families were wiped out by the Holocaust. My family was an ordinary middle-class Jewish family, but through many incredible strokes of luck, or miracles, all seven of us survived. For an entire Jewish family in Poland to survive the Holocaust is amazing - likely unique. What is more remarkable is how we survived.."

A Jewish Colonel in the Civil War

A Jewish Colonel in the Civil War - Marcus M. Spiegel of the Ohio Volunteers - Edited by Jean Soman & Frank L. Byrne.

- $25.00

Book contains the Civil War letters of Marcus M. Spiegel, great-grandfather of Jean Powers Soman. "The more source material we have on this conflict the more we will be able to evaluate what really happened during those four eventful years. It is a tribute to the United States that a German immigrant was able to rise to the command of a regiment in a little more than a decade after his arrival on these shores..."

U.S.S. Cyclops

U.S.S. Cyclops - Marvin W. Barrash

- $150.00

Barrash takes on the subject of a U.S. Navy collier, a ship of great importance in Naval logistics. It is an in-depth study of the collier which disappeared mysteriously with all 306 crew members after sailing from Barbados, West Indies, sometime after Mach 1918.

A Jewish Colonel in the Civil War

Then A Soldier - Richard G. Kurtz.

- $30.00

Portrays the social and cultural pressures that led a Jewish boy from the Bronx of the early 1960s to become a career army officer and, when his country was at war, to seek out combat assignment. It is the story of a young man setting out to prove that Jews could be good soldiers as he simultaneously embarks on an uncommon assimilation strategy to enter the WASP establishment.

Quiet Americans by Erika Dreifus

Quiet Americans - Erika Dreifus

- $15.00

In these stories which were inspired by her paternal grandparents, German Jews who immigrated to the United States in the late 1930's, characters and conflicts emerge that reframe familiar questions about what is right and wrong, remembered and repressed, resolved and unending.

Goldfish – Silver Boot:

Goldfish - Silver Boot: The Story of a World War II Prisoner of War by Harvey S. Horn

- $14.95

Story is about 36 days that changed the authors life. It is a story of a Jewish boy from Brooklyn who dreamt of flying and enlisted in the Army Air Corps to fight for his country. It is about survival. It is the story that all POWs keep replaying over and over. Could I have done more? Could I have done better? Did I perform as trained? Each day was a harrowing experience.

The National Museum of American Jewish Military History is now offering books for sale! JWV member Frank Cohn of Post 153 has sponsored these books for our museum store, in memory of Howard "Howie" Rosedietcher, NYC, "who Gave All for his country in Vietnam". Thank you Mr. Cohn! Each book is $25.00

The Israelis: Ordinary People in an Extraordinary Land by Donna Rosenthal

The Israelis: Ordinary People in an Extraordinary Land by Donna Rosenthal

Israel is smaller than New Jersey, with 0.11% of the world's population, yet captures a lion's share of headlines. From battlefields to bedrooms to boardrooms, discover the colliding worlds in which an astounding mix of 7.2 million devoutly traditional and radically modern people live. You'll meet "Arab Jews" who fled Islamic countries, dreadlock-wearing Ethiopian immigrants who sing reggae in Hebrew, Christians in Nazareth who publish an Arabic-style Cosmo, young Israeli Muslims who know more about Judaism than most Jews of the Diaspora, ultra-Orthodox Jews on "Modesty Patrols," and more.

For more information about the book and author check out the website and read a preview.

Footsteps of David: Common Roots, Uncommon Valor by Howard J. Leavitt

Footsteps of David: Common Roots, Uncommon Valor by Howard J. Leavitt

This book acquaints the reader with dozens of stories of Jewish-American heroes, their role, service, and sacrifice in the military. Some of the participants are well known; most are obscure, unnoticed, and unpublicized. Other than their own circle of friends and family, few know of their heroic and unselfish service. Footsteps of David brings light to the often overlooked contributions of Jews to the American military.

Semper Chai: Marines of Blue and White (and Red) by Howard J. Leavitt

Semper Chai: Marines of Blue and White (and Red) by Howard J. Leavitt

A "did you know.." book of interesting and exciting stories of Jews in the U.S. Marine Corps. Includes information on the first Jewish Marine Lieutenant General, the Jewish chaplain who delivered the most famous sermon of World War II, and the officer who was a flyer in three of our armed forces, along with many other exciting stories of Jewish Marines.

Tales of Valor: Rebirth of Latter-Day Heroes in the Image of Biblical Paladins by Howard J. Leavitt

Tales of Valor: Rebirth of Latter-Day Heroes in the Image of Biblical Paladins by Howard J. Leavitt

This book continues to inform the reader with additional stories and newsworthy tidbits that helped shape the American military such as: What officer was responsible for the eradication of flogging in the U.S. Navy? Who was the most decorated living U.S. Army veteran? Who was the Jewish chaplain who gave his life aboard the USS Dorchester to save American soldiers?

OZ: Chronicles of Courage by Howard J. Leavitt

OZ: Chronicles of Courage by Howard J. Leavitt

- $25.00

OZ: Chronicles of Courage is Leavitt's fourth book informing the public of the Jewish contribution to the defense of our country. Many of those featured have received decorations for service and courage. A number have not. But all of them have been brave, courageous and dedicated. They have volunteered to serve their country, and most placed themselves in harm's way. And a number of the participants in today's War on Terror are highlighted.

For more information regarding Howard Leavitt's books, check out the website:


The following pages feature descriptions of National Museum supplies which you may conveniently order online. By ordering these supplies you support the worthy programs and endeavors of the National Museum of American Jewish Military History.

Hall of Heros

Hall of Heroes

Highlights the history of the Jewish Medal of Honor Recipients and other Distinguished Jewish Heroes.

Rescue & Renewal: GIs and Displaced Persons

Rescue & Renewal: GIs and Displaced Persons

With the end of World war II almost 8 million individuals were displaced by the war. This catalogue speaks on the rescue of and aid to the survivors of the concentration camps by Jewish GI's.

E-book only - Kindle

Women in the Military: A Jewish Perspective

Women in the Military: A Jewish Perspective

The exhibit, Women in the Military: A Jewish Perspective, profiles Jewish female veterans of U.S. conflicts from the Civil War to the Gulf War, and through their stories, brings to the forefront the vital role women have played to contribute to America's war efforts throughout our history.

E-book only - Kindle

GIs Remember: Liberating the Concentration Camps

GIs Remember: Liberating the Concentration Camps

Jewish soldiers who were personally involved in liberating concentration camps recount their experiences through personal testimony and photographs.


A Jewish Colonel in the Civil War

Lest They Be Forgotten: Yom Hashoah: The Holocaust Remembered - Larry Cappetto.

This film documents the horrors of Kristallnacht, the invasion of Poland, Hungary, Lithuania and other countries over taken by the Nazis; the formation of the Ghettos and deportation followed by life in the ghettos. The recollections are not easy to hear, nor are the images easy to see, but it is through the eyes and voices of the survivors and GI's that the most horrific event of the 20th century is retold. The first-hand accounts of the atrocities that occurred during the Nazi's Final Solution. This film serves not only as an historical record but as a testament & witness for the over 6 million Jews whose voices were so violently & senselessly silenced. VOLUME X - "The Holocaust Remembered." Running time 150 minutes - Color, Stereo, Widescreen

A Jewish Colonel in the Civil War

Battle At the Overland Trail: One Night of Combat on Guadalcanal. - Author Jason Abady.

Dedicated to the Marines of the K-3-1 who saw action at Guadalcanal, Cape Gloucester, Peleliu and Okinawa. They fought on the sands of many shores and saw the fire of many battlefields."

An American, A Sailor and a Jew: The life and Career of Uriah P. Levy. USN (1792-1862)

View the in-house exhibit and hear the curators tell the story
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A Place to Remember

An early "picture" of the museum and its first exhibits
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