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American Jewish Military History

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To preserve the legacy of the Jewish veteran and his or her service to the nation, the National Museum of American Jewish Military History was founded nearly four decades ago. We are continuously striving to ensure that the Museum, the nation's only depository of our role in American history, will stand forever as evidence of the Jews patriotism and commitment to this nation. To that end, we have worked to create simple and easy ways for you and your local Post to work to preserve the Museum in perpetuity.

Below, you will find an example of a Codicil that may be added to an individual's will. (NOTE: This form may not be applicable to your state. Please consult counsel.)

This codicil would permit that individual to set aside a sum of money to the Museum. The interest from the trust may go to a surviving spouse or children for a specified number of years. Depending on the individual situation, tax savings to the estate may be realized by utilizing this method. This codicil would create a long-term source of revenue for the Museum to work with into the next century. It is of great value and importance to the Museum, and these contributions will be greatly appreciated. (It is our recommendation that you consult with your local attorney to add this codicil to your will.)

Also, the Museum has prepared a similar agreement that the individual Posts can use to set aside a sum of money. The Trust allows the interest earned to be returned to the Post, and at the expiration of a certain designated number of years, which the Trustees select, the fund would be turned over to NMAJMH. This prevents a wasting of Post assets on non-JWV programs, will provide an income to the Post at the present time, and continue the life of the Museum into the future. The Post's designated Trustees control the investing of the funds, and the principal cannot be used by the Post itself, or any other echelon or National, until the maturity date that has been selected by your Trustees. The provisions can be altered to suit an individual Post's needs at the outset. If you or your Post is interested in this program, please call Greg Byrne, Museum Director of Operations, at (202) 265-6280 for more information.

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