The National Museum of
American Jewish Military History

1811 R Street NW, Washington, D.C 20009. | 202-265-6280 | |

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  • Entrance to the Museum
    The National Museum of American Jewish Military History was founded September 2, 1958 by the Jewish War Veterans of the USA. The museum offers two floors of exhibition space on the first floor lobby level and the 2nd floor.
  • Honorial Wall
    The Museum's Honorial Wall is a memorial that recognizes persons and organizations who have made major contributions to the Museum's growth.
  • Tree of Honor Display
    The Tree of Honor display is located on the Chapel/Archive floor of the museum. Pictured here is the Tree of Honor, far right, top right is the entrance way into our newest exhibit Hidden Treasures, Selections from our Collection. Pictured in the background center is our Yahrzeit Memorial Display, and the Joshua Goldberg Chapel is featured on the far left.
  • Close-up view of the Tree of Honor
  • Tree of Honor Dedication
    March 9, 2007 Tree of Honor Dedication. Pictured in the forefront, from left to right is Museum Exhibits Chair, PNP Florence Levine, PNP Rita Panitz (rear), National President of the Ladies Auxiliary Marie Vegotsky, Museum President, PNC Jack Berman (rear), Tree of Honor Chairperson, Iris Goldwasser, National Commander of JWV Norman Rosenshein (rear), next to Norman Rosenshein is PDC Henry Epstein, and far right Gerald Levine.
  • Hall of Heroes
    Picture of the entrance to the Hall of Heroes.
  • Maj. Gen. Julius Klein
    The Major General Julius Klein: His Life and Work exhibition.
  • Capt. Goldberg Memorial Chapel
    Entrance to the Captain Joshua L. Goldberg Memorial Chapel.
  • Study Centre
    In the 1st floor of the museum sits the Study Centre that houses the Museum's lecture series and several of the Museum's programs. Also in the Study Center, there are several small dedicated meeting rooms, one shown here.